"Street Food" on Netflix

Anybody familiar? Son said I’d like it and that it reminded him of “Flavorful Origins” , which he knows I love. I also love “Chef’s Table”, but so far, this is not about what I think of as a “chef’s”.

Apologies if it’s already been discussed, but I did a quick search and couldn’t find it.

So far I’ve only watched the first one, on Bankok (a lady apparently got a Michelin star for her noodle stall!), but it does have similar production and music, and I like it a lot!

Whew! I can stop re-watching Chopped and Beat Bobby Flay.

Vox- “Netflix’s wonderful Street Food focuses on the human aspect of ordinary food”

Eater review- " Netflix’s ‘Street Food’ Is Even Better Than Its Sibling ‘Chef’s Table’"


I’ve really enjoyed the ones I’ve seen. Love the woman in the goggles! Thanks for reminding me about it. I’d kind of forgotten about it, so now I’ll get back to watching.

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I have really loved each episode. Almost every one has made me cry - the stories of most of the people are uplifting and yet heartbreaking at the same time.

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Thanks ! Enjoyed the first episode and look forward to the rest.

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I think, it is rather a good idea to make sure in every part of it here.

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I watched the Vietnam and Singapore episodes. To me it seems it had the potential to be really good but is half baked. The writing just isn’t there. In the Singapore episode, for example, I left with so many questions about what they were actually serving and what made it special.

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I see what you did there!