Strawberry/Berry picking [SEA]

Anyone have any suggestions for picking strawberries or any other berries around the Seattle area?

Last summer i got some nice organic strawberries from Hervold Farms out in Monroe. I think there are more u-pick farms out in Monroe as well as Carnation. Remlinger Farms in Carnation has u-pick and there is a blueberry farm in/near Bellevue. And blackberries all over everywhere (parks, alleys, stairways, backyards, front yards, sideyards, driveways…) come August. And if you’re really into urban foraging, there are (or were 15 years ago) old apple trees on the west side of QA.

When looking for berries last year, I learned that open days are dependent on weather plus what was picked the day before, not a set schedule, so I’d advise you to search out what is close to you and either follow their announcements on social media or check their websites frequently. Strawberries are just flowering now, so will be a few more weeks.

Ah, thanks for the friendly tips! I got a little hopeful with seeing pictures from friends on the East coast already picking some. I’ve never been one to shy away from picking wild berries and there certainly are some good pickings if you can secure a secret spot ;). It helped growing up in the Midwest where population density was nowhere what it is here.

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abc, have you seen the Puget Sound Fresh website? You can search by crop or map. I am still too scarred by childhood trips to U-pick farms getting stung by bees and sunburned (but a fun family activity, in my mom’s book) to have a recommendation for you, but there are plenty of options.

The Rainier strawberries grown by Schuh Farms are the absolute bees knees, IMO, but they come to local farmer’s markets–not sure if they do U pick.

Strawberries are out in full force, I just picked 26# at Harvold Farm in Carnation. Remlinger (also Carnation) says u-pick raspberries start tomorrow.

I was mistaken in my previous post, Bolles was the organic farm in Monroe.