Strategies for small cooking


I get WF salad bar. But no greens or dressing. It lasts a whole lot longer like that. And I make my dressings anyway.


Everybody probably knows this but just in case:


Too funny!! Hope you (and any future dinner guests!) like pork and the freezer has some space…!


I’m curious why you cooked it all rather than freezing most of it.


“I’m curious why you cooked it all rather than freezing most of it.”

Me too!

When I’m cooking for one i make impractical decisions. Most times I KNOW it’s not likely I’ll use most meals I freeze.

I suspect when I am cooking for one, i imagine even a bite makes experimenting worth it, but I always make more than a bite. I might freeze it, but don’t use it. Then the next time I cook for one, I want to experiment again!


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Responding to several of your posts in a single place.

It’s taken me a while to STOP myself from buying things just because there a good deal - meat or vegetable.

If I do the math on what is eventually discarded, it’s not such a great deal for me after all. And more importantly, food wastage breaks my heart. Not that it never happens, but it happens more when I give in to the bulk/discounted deals.

One check I use (in addition to “how many meals is this really and do I want to eat this that many times”) is to check my (physical or mental) list of what’s already in the fridge or freezer - I’ve put down many a package once I’ve reminded myself there’s a lot still waiting to be eaten.

That said, even a “normal” size package of meat is several meals for a single eater, and dividing it up before cooking lets me vary the preparation and experimentation over time without palate fatigue and with less wastage.

Regarding rice or any carb - if you have a regular carb eater at home, it’s far more cost effective to make once or twice a week and reheat a portion on a plate. Depending on what else is happening in the kitchen, I make it in the microwave, on the stovetop, in the oven, or in a PC.


“Responding to several of your posts in a single place”

Thank you!


With " previously cooked and served " food, made smoked pork loin and sweet potato hash, with harrissa seasoning! Good.