Storing Limes?

I’ve dried a bunch of orange zest. It is just quicker for me to throw in the freezer and I live on the Oregon coast the mold capital of the world.

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I have found what works best for me is to wrap tightly in cling wrap, tightly twisting the ends.

Really? I buy fresh lemon and lime juice from the PA Dutch or a produce store and they keep well for at least two weeks, and they dont add anything to them. Maybe I just dont notice the bitter? (I do like bitter tastes so its possible.

I love bitter flavors, but not in my lime or lemon juice. I don’t know what the Amish do to their bottled juices as I don’t buy Amish, but the fresh squeezed citrus juice I personally produce in our house tastes off within a couple of days. Maybe it’s me :woman_shrugging:

I don’t have good luck with my lime juice or zest, even if freezing. I speculate it may be because I’ve resorted to juicing when the limes are starting to look a little gnarly. I might juice with a little too much enthusiasm and get some pith in the juice unintentionally. So, I don’t do it anymore, just rely on fresh. I use Nellie and Joe’s key lime juice for pies though, and it keeps fine. I sometimes use fresh lime for the KLP’s though.

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You can freeze them whole, though if you microwave them to thaw, remember that hot limes will squirt when punctured.