Store Brand Wheat Chex?

Why is it that all the stores seem to have their own equivalent of Corn Chex and Rice Chex, but not of Wheat Chex? (I’m sure it’s money, but is it that wheat is more expensive, or that Wheat Chex is less popular?)


I never noticed it in the store, but apparently WM does or did carry their own Great Value brand called “wheat squares”. Shows up on their website at $2.38 for 14 oz. But it’s unavailable at all stores within a one hour radius.

Because “wheat chex” is trademarked, so “wheat squares” is essentially the generic version of General Mills Wheat Chex.

And where do you see generic store brand versions of Corn Chex or Rice Chex?

For example there is generic “rice pockets” which are the equivalent of Rich Chex, but no generic Rice Chex that I am aware of.

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Likewise with Corn Chex, with the generic version being “corn squares”

Wegmans carries store brands of all three.

By “Store Brand Corn Chex”, I mean the store’s equivalent of Corn Chex–the stuff that if you found it unlabeled in a bowl, you’d say it was Corn Chex. I know it won’t be called “Corn Chex”.


Ralston-- the original maker of Chex is still making cereal but when they sold their “Ralcorp” spinoff the “Chex” trademark went to General Mills? some 10 or 15 years ago-- erg! it was 25 years ago & yes to GM. As always when one gets older “Where the Hell did the time go!?” is waiting to leap out. :confounded: Anyway Ralston’s new names were/are Rice Squares, Corn Biscuits, Wheat Squares iirc. Our retirement community gets pantry goods donated once a month & there’s always a “cereal”-- usually one of the Ralston chex clones but also oatmeal
or farina.

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Just guessin -
Gluten content of the wheat version may impact sales?
As a cold cereal there’s competition from Shredded Wheat minis (or whatever they’re called), frosted or not?
As a snack there’s lots more competition from wheat-based snacks - Triscuits??, etc.

If WM doesn’t carry their own version that’s due to sales not being as good.

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Albertson’s and Safeway have rice and corn ‘squares’, but I haven’t looked for wheat since I’m not that wild about wheat chex.