Stonewall Kitchen free shipping this weekend

PSA - free shipping on orders of $25 or more, ends 2/20. Several grocery stores in my area on outer Cape Cod have Stonewall Kitchen products but not all of them. I can’t eat smoked foods, and BBQ sauces are difficult to find that don’t have smoke flavors in them. I try to keep Stonewall Kitchens Bourbon Molasses Barbecue Sauce in my pantry, so I just ordered some.


I like their jams and the sesame ginger teriyaki sauce.

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Thanks for the heads up! And when you first go there, you get 15% off too. Stores in my area do sell Stonewall, but on a limited\rotating basis and I’m a big fan of some of their mustards. And of course their jams are classic.

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I got an email from them offering a 15% discount on another purchase after I placed my order. If there had been a 15% discount on the 3 bottles of BBQ sauce I ordered, it would have come to less than the $25 I needed for free shipping so I would have had to order more! That’s funny…oh well.

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I don’t even want to think about how much money I’ve spent to qualify for free shipping from various sites (including last week’s Penzey order).


:rofl::rofl::rofl: BTDT way too many times. Thankfully I have a store relatively near me so I try and save up my Penzeys list for when I’m “in the area”. Currently, Korintje cinnamon, tarragon, and pork base are on my list.

And I’ve been adding things to my Stonewall Kitchen cart, but it’s not showing the free shipping. Ive even tried removing the 15% discount, but the shipping costs are still showing. :neutral_face:

Well that sucks. I ordered two mustards and a jam/jelly sampler with no problem. Can’t recall if the free shipping showed up when I started the order or when it was confirmed (different sites have different timing when it comes to showing shipping costs).

I’ve gone as far as inputting my CC info to get to the Place Order button, and it’s still showing as $11.50 shipping.

I’ve tried removing the 15% first time order discount, I’ve increased quantities to get total cost over $60.00…but in that case, shipping went up to $15.50. :thinking:

I’ve never had a site that, at the review window, doesn’t show all discounts being deducted.

I don’t NEED any of this, but would like to try it, but I’m not placing an order if the discount isn’t showing. Guess there will be no lemon-ginger marmalade, raspberry-peach champagne marmalade, balsamic fig dressing, or bourbon-maple BBQ sauce in my future.

Maybe contact them? Most of these sites have a live chat feature. But as you say, you don’t need any of this. I’m a big fan of their roasted garlic mustard and mom’s a sucker for their hot pepper jam. But they aren’t essential enough to pay shipping.

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I think this is the free shipping code



Interesting, I never saw that code. Just the banner at the top that said free shipping for online orders over $25, so I was thinking it would it auto-apply once you reached that threshold. :woman_shrugging:

Oh well. There is a brick and mortar store by me in Newburyport, MA that if I desperately want one of the items, I can go there. I abandoned the cart and now don’t feel like going back in. As I said, I don’t need anything, and probably shouldn’t buy more pantry items anyway. LOL