Stonewall Kitchen, Country Ketchup


A recent find at Wegmans, of which incidentally I am not a huge fan " much ado about nothing" IMO
The ketchup however, an entirely different story, I’m addicted … has anyone tried any of the other Stonewall Kitchen condiments?


We use their Lemon Herb Aioli all the time. I like it on fish tacos. They also make a Maple Champagne Mustard which I put on sandwiches.

(Gwenn) #3

Their main store is in York, Maine, near where we go every summer. I like the garlic aioli.


I used to demo a lot of their jarred/bottled items, often in one of their recipes. Always very well received.
I particularly like their roasted garlic onion jam. Never tried their baking mixes but given the quality of their other goods I would happily give them a go!

(kg) #5

Stonewall Kitchen has a big footprint in the northeast. They make a red pepper jelly that I used to find only in specialty stores. Now it’s available in the local Giant. Ditto for blueberry/blackberry jams. Stonewall has gone corporate, but without the HFCS.

My latest obsession is a garlic mustard dip that I cannot find outside of my local arts show.

(Gwenn) #6

That’s the one I was trying to think of. I like that too.

(erica) #7

Ditto, but I like their Maple Bacon Onion jam even more. Roasted Apple Grille Sauce, too. By the way, TJ’s has a copycat Roasted Garlic Onion jam that is cheaper and every bit as good.

@Chowdom, in what way is the SK ketchup different from Heinz?


It is nothing at all like Heinz. It is chunky, spicy and sweet. It is actually way sweeter than what I normally like or can tolerate but the heat counters the sweetness.


You can see the consistency in this picture

(Gwenn) #10

Yep, another one I like. Though when we stop there when we go to Ogunquit we do a lot of tasting and I find only a few things I like. Their dressings, sauces always taste off to me. But a few of their mustards, that jam and a couple of aioli are good. Also they have a chocolate/coffee dessert sauce that you nuke and put on ice cream.

(erica) #11

I liked the lemon curd the first time I bought it, but a subsequent jar was rancid. They replaced it, with a jar that was also rancid. Never tried again.