[Stockport] The Produce Hall - Mamma G's

We don’t often come into town during the day – and when you see just how many shops have closed, you can see why folk have fewer and fewer reasons to come. Go back some 60 years, when I was a lad, and it was a different thing. I’d come in regularly with Mum. And we’d always go to the Market. I remember the Produce Hall from then. It was where the butchers stalls were and those selling cooked meats. I best remember the cheese stall – mainly because they always gave you a taste of the cheese before you bought. Now the building has trodden what seems to have become a common route – recreating itself as a food court arrangement, with an open area to eat, surrounded by half a dozen or so stalls offering different options of what to eat. We came back in 2019, not long after it opened but, as mentioned, we don’t get into town that often so haven’t been back since then. The food options have all changed since then, so we had a quick nosey round and decided on a Caribbean lunch from Mamma G’s.

Curry goat is a classic – but one I’ve never had before. It’s long cooked meat, served on the bone. It’s nicely spiced but I’d sort of expected that it would have had more of a chilli heat. It comes with rice and peas and a nice crisp red cabbage slaw. A wrap comes stuffed with a sweetcorn and black bean fritter with a heavy drizzle of hot sauce and more of the slaw. OK, maybe the hot sauce was a little too hot – some customers are never satisfied.

It’s the sort of set-up that could get a bit manky and untidy but the staff who bring you the food from the various kitchen are also on the ball quickly removing dirty crockery, etc and giving the tables a wipe over.

Decent lunch and one that’s a bit out of the run-of-the-mill for the town centre which, otherwise, has you deciding rom the offerings from the several cafes, or the chain restaurants at the Red Rock complex.