[Stockport] Pear Mill Vintage Tea Rooms

Pear Mill is an Edwardian era cotton spinning mill. It was never a particularly successful business, as it was built just as Britain’s importance in the industry was fading. It is now home to a variety of businesses, including a sizeable space on the ground floor given over to a “collectibles emporium” – the sort of stuff that you may give house room to, but wouldn’t be regarded as antiques. And vintage clothing – including a World War 2 era German leather coat – the sort of thing Herr Flick, from ‘Allo ‘Allo”, wore. In decent condition for its age – yours for £300.

And, at the far end of the space, there’s the tea rooms. It’s a short menu of breakfasty items (like a sausage barm), sandwiches and cakes. Coffee was OK but a bit weedy in flavour. But a chocolate orange sponge cake was absolutely “the business”. Just like a Jaffa Cake but an actual real cake.

pear mill


Beautiful building. I’d certainly like to visit it.

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The town’s traditional industries were cotton and hat making. And there’s a number of mills still standing - now, of course, in mixed retail use rather than industrial.