[Stockbridge, MA] Once Upon a Table

The catchy name caught our eye when we were considering places for dinner during our brief stay in the Berkshires. In the event, it didn’t come to pass but we were in Stockbridge at lunchtime so thought we’d give it a go. Good decision.

There’s a shortish lunch menu – sandwiches, salads, etc – supplemented with a few specials. One of the latter was a salad Nicoise. Classic ingredients – mixed leaves in a mustardy dressing, black olives, cherry tomatoes, potato, hard boiled egg. And a couple of not so classic ingredients – capers had replaced anchovies and a perfectly cooked salmon fillet had replaced tuna.

A sandwich for my companion in life – herbed focaccia encased mozzarella, pesto, roasted peppers and tomato. On the side, a serving of giant couscous (maftool) – a bit incongruous but tasty.

Two very enjoyable lunches.