Stock/broth recommendation request

Is there a brand of vegetarian “chicken” stock that you would recommend? How about a recipe for a homemade “chicken” stock powder/base?

A lot of the Adventist recipes call for vegetarian bases that I’ve never seen in stores before. I think McKay’s was one and George Washington another. Anyone have experience with either?

I’m not a vegetarian, but I always keep some Better Than Bouillon vegetable flavor base in my fridge. If the color of that is too dark, they also make a no chicken base that I’ve never tried. Mollie Katzen recommended Kitchen Basics brand vegetable stock in her last cookbook, but colorwise, it’s brown and can’t be mistaken for chicken broth.

I have a couple of giant bottles of McKay’s both ‘chicken’ and ‘beef’ There usually found in Adventist Stores of here online at their website: I kind of like the taste (they are rather high in salt if that’s an issue), well I’m so used to Adventist food that for me it’s the normal taste:) I’ll look in my Adventist cookbooks and see if they have a recipes for stock/base for you too.

Not a vegetarian either and I do use the BTB Vegetable. It’s quite good. I was looking more for something that mimics a chicken broth. I didn’t know that BTB made a no chicken base. I will look for it next time I’m at the market. Thanks!

Thanks for the link. I’m going to order some and give it a go.

I prefer the BTB no-chicken base to their vegetable one. The vegetable one is too tomatoey for me, but the no-chicken one is very good, as is the mushroom. One I used to like a lot but haven’t seen in a couple of years was California Kitchens Un-chicken broth, and I think the BTB non-chicken tastes a lot like it.

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I don’t know about faux chicken broth, but this is useful to have in your fridge:,ctype=recipe,q=Vegetable+bouillon,stype=/318315

Pay attention to the proportion of salt to chopped veg. Mine was very salty, and I’m not sure I was careful with the salt.

here is the recipe i use for vegetable stock, i think it is very flavorful.