Stoa [San Francisco, Lower Haight]

I had an enjoyable dinner at Stoa in the Lower Haight. Stoa is located on a corner of Haight and Pierce, in the former home of Fort Point and Black Sands, both of which featured beer. Stoa is more of a cocktail bar with small bites. Eater blurb here:

For cocktails I had the

Hedge Maze ($15)
St. George Terroir Gin, Dolin Blanc Vermouth, Green Chartreuse
Which was nice, spirit forward, like a martini with herbal notes from the Chartreuse.

And the
Surfer Rosa ($16)
Hibiscus Mezcal, Punt e Mes Benedictine, Lemon Soda
Refreshing, like a long Jamaica mezcalita.

Mostly small plates on the menu. For food I had

Aonori powder, miso onion dip
House made potato chips dusted with seaweed powder, with a creamy light onion dip spiked with miso. A nice snack.

Bacon, corn, tomato, peppers, black garlic aioli
Nice mix of textures and flavors. The mochi was a slab on the bottom of the dish, pleasantly chewy with a little more crispy texture on the grilled exterior. Sweet ripe cherry tomatoes, crispy bacon bits, and peppers.

Green hummus, serrano, onion, cilantro, Chinese salsa macha

Yes this was a $14 dollar taco, but it was quite large. A bit of Chinese influence with the cumin spiced lamb and the chili oil. Thick slab of nicely spiced tender fatty lamb. Difficult to eat with hands, I ended up using a knife and fork. The green “hummus” that may have been made with soybeans, could have used a bit more seasoning.

More pics:


I had a bowl of their rice porridge last weekend. I give a thumbs up to a bar that has congee on the menu, even if at $18 this was one of the pricier bowls of jook that I’ve sampled.

It was not lacking for toppings - strips of nicely poached chicken, chili oil, a soft boiled egg, mushrooms, and broccolini. Nice medium thick chicken broth-y congee base. A nice comforting bowl of jook.

Also had a couple more cocktails. Cocktails and congee, what a world.

Rickey Ricardo ($15)
City of London Gin, Lime, Soda, Ricard
A gin rickey with the addition of Ricard, which is a pastis. Dry, fizzy, and quite refreshing.

The Raven ($15)
Rittenhouse Rye, Combier Orange Liqueur, Punt e Mes
Also very nice, kind of a Manhattan variation with a bit of orange flavor.


The whole meal is liquid!

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