Stinking Water in Red Bank & Environs

Due to the drought it seems we are getting to the bottom of the reservoir again, and the tap water has developed a certain funk.

Has any one else noticed this?

Also, what do they put in the water around here?

I notice that it eats the seals on my toilets in about 5 years. I know we are not living in Tom’s River, but still that has to do something to your insides.

Obviously we drink a lot of bottled water at home, but for cooking, tea and coffee I still use tap water. I’ve tried a Britta and that only seems to help a little.

I have a neighbor who is a home brewer who installed a reverse osmosis system, but short of doing that what else is out there?

Runs for dear life

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Well it could be worse, I guess. Maybe.

They just reported today that the municipal water supply in Patterson has hexavalent chromium.

I don’t know if you remember dear readers, but they made a little movie about that stuff a few years ago.

It was called “Erin Brokovich”.

Ps. I have started putting a squeeze of fresh lemon in my sun tea. I know it’s still lemon flavored funk, but at least it covers up some of it.