Sticky buns, cinnamon rolls, cardamom rolls, monkey bread, Chelsea buns, kannelbullar , morning buns, schnecken, pulla, etc

What are your favourites?
What are your thoughts?

I’ve been chatting on other threads about English Chelsea Buns vs Canadian Chelsea Buns, and Sticky Buns vs Chelsea Buns, and Sticky Buns vs Schnecken.

My favourite sticky buns look like this:


Oh my!

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Sticky buns are omnipresent here in PA Dutch country; I grew up on them. My mother didn’t like nuts in her baked goods, so we always had them without. At the farmers’ market I go to every Friday, they’re available from multiple vendors, and you can get plain, with nuts (always walnuts) and with raisins. Every farm store and country market has them as well, often made in-house.

Oddly, I’ve never made them myself. I have very little experience with yeasted doughs.

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These are like Flour’s sticky buns (local bakery chain here in the Boston area). They are quite good, especially when warm and fresh out of the oven. They are known for their sticky buns, and I think the owner won a Bobby Flay throw down challenge when that show was still on.

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Thoughts on this thread during breakfast this morning.


Chelsea buns are my favourite. Just the right amount is sweet and very light. I make both kinds(I use Flour’s recipe for the sticky buns). I just don’t like a lot of sweet goop on buns.

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