Stew Leonard's: now serving cookie dough! Yonkers, NY

My husband just sent me the following article from Lohud:

Apparently they figured they might as well capitalize on the trend, and added this offering to their ice cream stand. Didn’t take long - I just heard about Do in Manhattan a few weeks ago. As much as I love cookie dough, I’m not sure I’ll bother with this - I’d rather make my own!


I considered stopping there to check it out this morning as I was in the area but it seemed like an odd snack for 10 am. I am impressed they caught on to this trend so quick and I’m sure it will serve them well press-wise!

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Ice cream - I can think of odder morning snacks than cookie dough! I say we take the plunge and make a Stew’s run! You know - take one for the team! :wink:

Would do you mean by they caught on this trend so quick?

The Cookie Dough Cafe has been around since 2011. I hardly call 6 years quick. I’m sure there are other places, maybe even been around longer,

That was my remark, and I was referring to the opening of DO in NYC, which apparently happened just a couple of months ago. I don’t know of another place in NYC that specializes in cookie dough. I hadn’t heard of Cookie Dough Cafe, but it looks like their products are mostly sold prepackaged in grocery stores and online, rather than in dedicated dessert restaurants or ice cream shops, unless I’m missing something.

Yes I was referring to “Do” in NYC as well. Had never heard of Cookie Dough Cafe.

Nor, apparently, had all of the reporters who did stories about Do as if it was the first time this had been done. Or the long line of customers.

Yes, and it will probably go the way of the ‘cronut’…

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