Steel Cut Oats

Yeah pretty boring thread, but does anyone know where I might find “Christine and Bob’s Old Fashioned Oatmeal” in S.F. proper?

I’ve just visited the co. website and using their online retail locator, both Andronico’s and Mollie Stone’s Markets are supposed to be stockists, but a quick inventory scan on Instacart yields no positive results. Anyone have any ideas on where else I might find it? Most of the specialty markets like Bi-Rite only seem to carry Bob’s Red Mill- which is good, but not AS good!

I bought them two weeks ago at Andronicos in Berkeley. The are not steel cut oats, though.

Now you piqued my interest. How are Christine and Bob’s better than Bob’s Red Mill?

Sorry I do not have an answer to the Question but…
I believe it is " Christine & Rob’s" and wallyeats is right that they are not Steel Cut.

I don’t imagine that Instacart lists every single item a store carries . . . or do they? That would be quite a feat.

Oops, I know that. Just a typo.

Other than rotating seasonal items and produce, they’re supposed to, I believe. They get pretty specific about their inventory from what I’ve seen.

Well, it’s pretty subtle to be fair, but I find they have a nuttier toasted flavor that I enjoy more.

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