Steak dining, Cleburne, Texas style

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A photo at Fly By Night Cattle Company Steakhouse

I saw this guy on TV this week, you must have also. The owner open carries in the restaurant all the time. The fly by night cattle Company.

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Law west of the Pecos?

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I got used to bozos strapping on 6 guns while I spent a lifetime in Scottsdale during my 4 years there.
That and 4x4s that needed a ladder to get in the cab.
The testosterone levels are a bit more manageable here in Oregon, no doubt because of the legal weed.
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Downtown Portland?

I’ll have that other stuff manana, but it won’t be legal. :crazy_face: :sunglasses:


It seems maybe weed became legal there because of lower testosterone levels too though… hard to know.

Also, making Texans talk even slower could be a risk in itself; I’m sure legislators in that state have been taking that into account. (My only Texan friend was not a testosterone monster, so perhaps his reeeaal sloooow talking wasn’t representative.)