Staying power of apples

It could be a function of the source, but at the Boston area supermarkets I frequent, Gala apples are the most reliable variety for spring and summer purchasing.
With a mealy exception here and there, they are crisp and flavorful.
Some apple varieties are said to improve with storage, but I don’t know if Gala is among them.

What apple varieties do you rely on out of season?

Whatever the supermarket imports from other parts of the world - New Zealand and America are the main suppliers. That said, Braeburn & Cox are the locally grown ones that seem to have the best keeping power.

The crisp Gala I bought last week was from a Chilean grower, Frusan. In my youth before the burgeoning of international trade in produce, we didn’t have/buy apples in spring or summer. Oil-fueled shipping’s environmental impact aside, it’s nice to have them for longer than half the year.

The last time I bought Granny Smith they didn’t taste like they should, not the least bit tart and crisp. Not sure the supplier since they were loose produce but they would have been lousy in pie or salad.

The apples of late have all been mealy. Disappointed.

I like Gala in general. Honey Crisp as well.

I avoid apples this time of year. Unfortunately, someone just gave me a bag of apples they “couldn’t use”. I guess I’ll make apple cake or something. They are mealy as heck.

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There’s always applesauce, which somehow seems to work. Don’t peel. The skin has flavor. If you don’t have a food mill, stir the mush vigorously in a colander, first with a wooden spoon, then pressing with a rubber scraper to separate the last of the puree from the skins.

Making applesauce cake with these apples will yield more flavor than putting them, chopped, into batter.

I think some of the life has been bred out of the supermarket Granny Smith, but I still find it more consistent year round in texture than most apples.

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That’s a good idea. I was going to grate them. But if I make applesauce, then I can portion and freeze the extra. Thanks!

I generally have good luck with Braeburns.

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