Stats on food forum

Don’t think the ranking mean anything, but we saw HO number 2.
Is it true that we have more weekly posts than CH?
I think we should improve FB and Twitter.


Possible but I doubt it - and doubt the accuracy of its stats. It’s quoting CH as only having 34 posts per week which I think must significantly underestimate the reality. It continues to have an active “Whats For Dinner” thread that must score at least that many on its own.

I wonder If new posts = threads as we call it here. Then 168 for HO is a lot.

According to that list HO is overwhelmingly the most active food forum. Four of the listed forums get ONE post per month! Not sure what to make of that.

I think I spotted one of them was egullet. Now I know that has fallen away considerably (I used to play on its UK board) but I would doubt only one a month.

My guess is that whatever method they’ve used for calculations is simply flawed and no-one there has had the nous to realise it from the results.

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