Starving Artist (Ocean Grove, NJ)

Was there today for the first time since I was a child when I went with my parents. Had no recollection of the food, just that it had a nice outdoor seating area. With a name like “Starving Artist” I was expecting a young hipster crowd. Boy was I wrong! There aren’t enough !!! for how wrong I was. Aside from Justin and I, there was maybe one other table without white hair. I imagine weekends might be different. Anyway, as I always say, “You don’t go to a restaurant to stare at walls”…or in this case, senior citizens!

Justin had a combo of blueberry crumbcake and banana nut pancakes with bacon. I went with Eggs Benedict which I usually avoid because no one can poach an egg properly (such as the nearby Buttered Biscuit in Bradley Beach which was God awful). This was nailed to perfection. Hollandaise was not too rich, the English muffin crisply toasted, and there was ample ham hidden below the eggs. Home fries were well-done, which I ordered. Justin loved his. I snagged a bite and they were good.

The prices are more than reasonable for the area. There is a small indoor seating area but the outside is the place to be. It’s like a courtyard, partially covered and partially open. On a Thursday at 1 PM there was a short wait for an outside table. Was worth it.


Starving Artist is my friend’s favorite place for breakfast when she comes down…been going there for years. It’s a complete zoo in season, and they’re not open much off-season, so I haven’t been in a while, but the food is consistently good. That crowd is also pretty consistent, especially off-season. :rofl:


Aside from Justin and “me” would be what a white-haired starving English teacher would say in retort. 👨🏻‍🦳


Aww I miss this place!! Used to be a favorite when I lived in OG. I try to try new places but between Johnny Mac’s BM + omelette thing and Bradley Cafe I pretty much abandoned all the other breakfast places. :pensive:

Which, BTW Greg, if you haven’t been, IMO Bradley Cafe is an absolute must. Get some chilaquiles and a torta cubana, ask for an order of pico and you will never look back!


I also highly recommend Bradley Cafe for breakfast, except on Tuesdays when they are closed. Their Torta Cubana is my gold standard. Not cheap but worth every penny. When I want to eat “light” I go for the Chilaquiles con Lengua. They sauté the tongue so it is crispy on the outside and and almost creamy inside.


Oh let me make clear that I have no problem eating with an older crowd. Having been raised going to restaurants as a small child, I am used to it. Also having days off during the week, I have come to expect it when we go out. But yesterday was one of those moments that literally made me take a step back!

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“White hair”. “Senior citizen” … wow👎🏻

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