Starting a Kosher Board

There is general unhappiness on CH with it’s new format and active members of the Kosher Board are looking for a new home. Will Hunry Onion set up Topical boards to service this need?

Done! Come on over!

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btw, we can subcategorize the Kosher board later if there is enough traffic.

My email reply to yours bounced back as undeliverable.
When I just clicked on Kosher from the home page it shows a K in a circle. This is the REGISTERED TRADEMARK of OK Laboratories, a national kosher supervision agency and may not be used for purposes. Please remove.

the confusing part about private message on the forum is that, when i send you one, the system sends your email a note that you have a private message, but when you try to reply to that email it doesn’t go to me (it bounces because its sent to a no-reply system account). i hope this is all that’s happening. will have to look to see if there is a way around the confusion in the future.

what would be an appropriate logo for Kosher?

Something generic such as this might work: