Starred restaurants pickup or delivery in France (Lockdown autumn 2020)

I received this list of offers (in French) from gastro bistros and fine dining restaurants by email, and you can see on the list in Paris places like Septime, David Toutain, le Meurice as well as the 3 stars le Pavillon Ledoyen (Yannick Alléno). It’s amusing to see what they are offering, difficult for fine food to survive from takeaway.

Just for fun, here’s the menu of le Pavillion Ledoyen (translated by Google):
Savory and sweet aperitif, for 2 people 100€
Mediterranean spiced tapioca tile
Artichoke puree in olive oil, seasoned with marjoram
Double cream with fish roe and curry

Gravlax salmon with caraway seeds, sour cream with chives, blinis
Fried black olives with bay leaf
Crispy smoked salt salsify

Pâté en croute with duck foie gras
Fine cold cuts and matured cheeses from our artisans
Foccacia and grissini
Dried tomatoes in olive oil

Sugar-free meringue, lemon Isigny cream
Dipping brioche and vanilla maple syrup
Mango with saffron
Beer pie
Collection of chocolates to nibble

The menu is on the simple side, with fine product although lots of them. I see others like la Scene or Septime offering more bistrot of style food like stew.



Yannick Alleno is quite ambitous …

Sounds superbly splendid and price is fair for 2 people …

So how many are actually included for 50 €uros per person ? All Listed ?

Seems so, but I guess tiny portions.

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