Starr Restaurant Group? [PA]

Received a gift certificate. Which restaurant would you choose?

Morimoto or Serpico.

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It depends a little bit on the size of the certificate, but my pick would be Serpico, it’s the best of the Starr group. Dandelion is pretty good too if the cert is on the small side and you don’t feel like covering the difference.

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The only Starr restaurant in Philadelphia we’ve been to is The Dandelion. It was excellent, so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

Presuming the certificate includes his restaurants in NYC and you happen to be visiting, I highly recommend The Clocktower or Upland, both of which are smash hits, and for good reasons: seriously delicious food and terrific ambiance.

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Thanks for the input. Serpico was my initial choice, so that will probably be the winner. I haven’t been to a Starr establishment in quite a while, Parc being the last. It’s a modest amount, and I don’t mind covering the balance. Definitely will be used in Philly, no travel to NYC.

Looks like I gotta get back to Serpico, I was just looking at their menu to recommend a few things and I only recognize one dish from my last visit (the fried duck leg, which I’d recommend). Every crudo I’ve ever had there has been very good.


The one other one to consider is Il PIttore. I do think they are doing excellent italian food, on par with the best in the city.

Wow, thanks so much for putting that on my radar - my eternal quest for good Italian food in Philly shall continue. The menu looks great!

Go quick, they are closing.

Well, damn. No Philly trip in the near future :frowning:

Yeah, I’ve reading reviews of Serpico, it’s definitely going to be the winner.

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