With so many coffee roasters everywhere why buy crappy coffee at Starbucks, DD or McD - they all taste lousy

When my father-in-law was alive, and he’d come out with a statement like that, we’d have to remind him to preface it with “in my opinion”. :nerd_face:

I always assume that on any discussion board every post includes automatically (even if not written) a “in my opinion”

I guess. Maybe it needs reminding sometimes. Don’t know where you’re from, but I’m often reminded that Trader Joe’s sells around 18 million cases of Charles Shaw wine every year. I think it’s worth about what they sell it for ($2.50 + depending on where) but a lot of people obviously more than tolerate it, so I tend not to sound judfemental. If I said “it sucks” wouldn’t that be judgemental, or would all those who heard my opinion be OK that it’s just my opinion?

I think that part of a (food) discussion board is to accept that others disagree with your choices/favorites. To be honest if somebody is offended because you think that 2 buck chuck sucks (which it does) he/she shouldn’t participate on a discussion board. Sometimes people should remember that part of a discussion is also disagreement

As you know . Opinions are like a…holes . Everybody has one.

…and some stink more than others😖

The DD near me is terrible, at best. The other locations nearby ain’t much better.
Starbucks is Very annoying. I can tell stories and rant and laugh for hours…
So I stick to making my own at 7-11

7-11 has solid coffee without a doubt. I put them Wawa and QuickCheck on the same level, I have no issue with any of their coffee. For whatever reason my personal taste is for DD, rarely do I find a “bad” one but I have come across a few that I feel the coffee has an “off” or bitter taste to it.

Best thing to do with Starbucks is to buy their stock - then while you are waiting 15 minutes for a cup of regular coffee - you can just look at how much money you made in those 15 minutes and instead of being pissed, you will smile:laughing:

just like NotJrvedivici i am on the road all day and sometimes you just need an extra jolt. i am a tea drinker and the options for that are even worse AND i loathe paying $2-3 for something that costs them pennies. however, i have yet to fall asleep at the wheel, so there is that.

That is honestly excellent advice!

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Or forego completely and enjoy the Magic of Compounding:

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" Based on these numbers – and investment returns of 9% annually (about
the historic average) – the amount you save by brewing your own Starbucks coffee could be worth $481,108 at retirement 40 years from now."

But what will the $481,108 be worth? They seem to think compounding growth will continue without taking inflation costs into account.

Looks like my wine habit is going to cost . One million dollars .:dizzy_face:


The approximately $240,000 of the link’s 30 year calculation has a present value of about $18,000 at the example’s 9% discount rate.

McDonald’s has stepped up its coffee game in the last couple years with the addition of McCafe. Also, keep in mind that their coffee suppliers are regional, so the coffee varies from area to area. Here in So. CA, the coffee is supplied by a well-known coffee roaster. and is actually quite good.

We don’t have DD in our area so can’t speak for the coffee in their shops, but their packaged coffee available in the grocery stores isn’t strong enough for me.

it’s local Long Island thing, I guess…
but driving around a lot, we gotta do what we gotta do…

Get the Starbucks app. Free refills on blavk coffee and tea drinks once you hit gold level. They run promos sometimes that gives you free gold level.

I have the DD equivalent, I love it and average about 1 reward (free beverage) a week.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold