Stanziato's in Danbury

I’m hearing that this place has some amazing pizza -and everything is locally sourced. Has anyone been? I’m dying to try it - I am a sucker for great pizza. Anyone have any info?


I was there over a year ago. I understand the pizzaola left since then and I heard a rumor in the last week that it might have closed, but I have not verified. Since you have made the tripto Ridgefield, keep driving and come to New Canaan and try Locali. Amazing pizza. In Stamford there is Amore and this week Fortina is opening.In Norwalk there is Bar Sugo. Those are the go-to pizza places down here.

Thanks. We have been to Locali - we have been going to John Bueti’s places since Strega in Pleasantville in '94. We go to Fortina quite a bit too, but in Armonk - we love it. Was going to try Stanziato tomorrow, but if its not as good as it was we may pass and wait to hear more. Thanks!

Stanziatos is amazing. Yes, it has changed ownership - however take it from a long time customer and pizza fanatic; it’s gotten even better. I got a chance to speak to the new owner and he is rooted in Italian culture and has been using wood fired ovens for over 20 years. He actually showed me pictures of some of the ones his family has built at their homes through the years. I am a well traveled individual so take it from me the food is superb. The pizza is the best I have tasted in America and is completely at par with Italian wood fired pizza. They used locally sourced ingredients from the farms that you taste in every bite. The salads are superb. The appetizers are amazing (mussels, burrata, organic hand cut wings, chorizo chili, and more!!). The new owner has brought on some new amazing ideas such as: wood fired bone marrow with a lemon caper parsley salad and crostini dipped in bone marrow extract (amazing)!! Wood fired truffle Brussels sprouts. Last week they ran a flat bread escargot with a pesto garlic sauce that was unbelievable. They serve a special pie, special appetizer and special soup each day. The owner told me a new line of home made pastas and sauces are on their way in addition to some amazing new creations in the wood fired oven that range from oysters to smoked meats. Also, they have added a full liquor bar which is hands down the best addition. The owner said each bottle of craft spirits was hand picked and mixologist created the signature drinks. The drinks are amazing… My favorites are the el diablo which comes with a wood roasted pineapple dipped in house spices and the cappuccino martini is amazing. The craft beer game is still on point and has some of the most unique, rare, and best selection I have seen around fairfield county.

So without writing an essay I say yes stanziatos is still open. Yes it has changed ownership. Yes it’s better than ever. And yes give it a try. I probably shouldn’t be telling you this because the wait can already be long and I can only assume it will get longer the more people who try.

Thanks Foodie7384. I will definitely try it. Maybe early is better!!! Thanks!

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