Stanley Tucci's Searching for Italy returns on CNN!

Stanley Tucci’s Emmy Award winning series: ‘Searching for Italy’ is back! Part 2 of Season 2 begins airing on Oct. 9th on CNN, at 9 p.m. We have enjoyed past episodes very much. Beautifully filmed and quite appetizing. Have you seen it?


New series started last Sunday in the UK. Loved the first one. Havent yet watched the first episode of the new one.

I am re-watching last season to “get ready”!

Bring it on! This series of episodes will focus on Calabria, Sardinia, Puglia & Liguria.


Where are you rewatching?
I haven’t watched any of it yet.

Cannot waittttt!

On CNN "on Demand ".

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The first new episode took us to parts of Calabria. I have come to know many Calabrian-bred neighbors. New Rochelle is home base to Casa Calabria, a local fraternal group. Food and wine are always flowing. Especially appetizing to me was the rabbit cacciatore. Have a local restaurant here whose family actually hails from Ischia. His version of Rabbit Cacciatore with fresh tomato salad is delish!
Learned a lot about the different sections of Calabria, but it was disturbing to hear about the local Mafia influence. I thought it had been quelled years ago.


Mark says we should get Stanley Tucci to narrate our meals.


At the end of the Calabria show . There was goat being cooked . Mine will be ready in 6 weeks

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The Sardinia episode was a winner, too. Where do I start? That incredible Spain-influenced lobster dinner on one side of the island, or the ‘boobs’ bakery on the other? Fascinating…

I love this program, and I’ve watched it since it began. Is it me or does Stanley look thin and pale? I worry about his health. I want him to stick around and do more episodes!

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His trip thru Liguria certainly had its moments. Enjoyed his encounter with the Orecchiette lady. His visit to that cheesemaker tempted me. The burrata/gorgonzola combo seemed very decadent.

I watch his show because they are mildly entertaining … they just make me miss Anthony Bourdain even more.

I want to see the deleted scenes and outtakes, where Tucci tries something and spits it out, or says, “God, that’s vile!”
(Only partly :relieved:. If he actually loves everything he tries, then his opinion is not really useful.)


What makes you think Bourdain did not have outtakes? Probably a lot, given his sometimes-bad behavior. Tucci is not Bourdain. And let’s not forget Zimmern’s exotic culinary travels.

I have no idea about Bourdain, never having watched him. I was just saying that Tucci loves everything, which seems 1) excessive, and 2) unlikely.

I loved Zimmern’s unsuccessful attempts at durian. Also, long ago, Floyd on Food showed him despising a dish, I think of liver. No other negative tastings come to mind.

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