Stand by for the restaurant battle of Main & Court Sts, White Plains...

There are about 400 new dining room seats coming available over the next few weeks on Main &
Court Streets in downtown White Plains. In one corner: weighing in at about 200 seats will be the new
Veloce Pizzeria, the latest venture from the Lombardo family who own Lombardo’s on Mamaroneck Ave
and 7 other eateries on Long Island. On the other corner, across from the Ritz-Carlton, weighing in at 200
multi-level seats will be Mediterraneo, the latest venture from the Z Restaurant Group who also own Aurora
in Rye and several other eateries in the Greenwich area. Let the battle for customers begin…
Not to mention the other restaurants in the immediate area. It will be critical mass for a while. Thoughts?

Parking, parking, parking.

OUCH- pricing for Mediterraneo (at least in Greenwich) is geared towards the investment banker crowd- I think still a bit of a stretch for W.P. (especially at lunch time). As far as Veloce goes can never have too many pizza choices (imho). Not sure their is enough of a night-life built into W.P. to fill all these seats after an initial buzz.

Seriously, enough with the parking comments in every thread. It’s gotten really old.

Ditto. Boring and been said countless times.

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The battle is shaping up and we will see, rich51. Every time a new restaurant opens they are taking customers from another restaurant. They do not create patronage out of the blue because the customer base in Westchester has remained just about the same for years…

Well, it appears that Pizzeria Veloce will be the first out of the gate. They are planning to open this weekend…

We like Lombardo’s so I’m curious to try the new place. Website has no info, so hopefully they will update it soon.

Mediterraneo is now open too in a flashy tri-level space…