Stamna Greek Taverna - Little Falls, NJ

After having ordered takeout delivery a few times, we decided to actually go to Stamna Greek Taverna in Little Falls, for the first time. It is a very tiny restaurant, but they have a nice enclosed porch to add more seating space. However, we were seated at a very tiny table for two. The food is excellent, but I think we will continue to use Uber Eats or Grubhub and have the food delivered at home next time, where we have more breathing room.
We started off with the excellent and very tender charcoal grilled octopus.

We also shared an appetizer of Spanakopita (spinach & feta cheese pie in a light & crusty phyllo dough)

For entrees Mrs. P had the excellent whole fried porgy (Tsipoura) with steamed spinach.

I had a special of Kleftiko (slow cooked lamb, marinated in olive oil, garlic, bay leaves, and Greek herbs), with roasted potatoes. It was fork tender.


Good stuff Eli. I live in Middletown and there is a section called Lincroft. They have a spot there and I think there is a thread on it too. If you want porgies call me lol. We catch them by the boat load when conditions are right.


Thanks cj. Debra & I will be right over :grin: She’s been dying to meet you. I think there are at least 3 Stamna’s (The original in Bloomfield, Lincroft, and the newer location in Little Falls near us).

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lol, I just gave away a bucket of nice ones yesterday. Now I’m annoyed I didn’t keep a couple.


Tonight we did takeout from Stamna Greek Taverna in Little Falls using Eat24. They had a deal for $10.00 off your order. We ordered a ton of food and had leftovers for another dinner. I had a humongous and delicious lamb gyro. It was very tender and flavorful.

We also had a nicely charred octopus, crispy fried porgy, Spanakopita with a side order of tasty green beans in a light tomato sauce flavored with oregano, stuffed grape leaves, and stuffed cabbage with pork and rice, and a side order of lemon potatoes. I definitely way over ordered. I had no idea that the gyro would be so huge. It all went great with a 2012 Alta Vista premium cabernet from Argentina. This is a perfect inexpensive every day wine.