Stamford, CT is Pizza City USA

Don’t laugh, Stamford will soon have two of the the three legendary New Haven
pizza parlors, Sally’s Apizza is open and Pepe’s is about to build. New Haven has Modern which is very similar to the other two but Stamford has the Colony Grill and bastard offspring Riko’s. Colony has a national reputation for its thin crust Irish bar pizza. We are blessed!


Colony Grill is someplace that’s always intrigued me. It’s about 10 minutes from my sister- and brother-in laws. Gotta hit that place up one of these days.

Some people who eat it for the first time are blown away, others cant understand what all the fuss is about. I was raised on the stuff. Unfortunately, I lived nearby in a distinctly working class neighborhood.

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We are lucky to have a Frank Pepe here in Yonkers but I am definitely jealous of you having Modern, Sally’s and so many others. NH style is a favorite of mine!

While I’m a big fan of Pepe’s and have been for 30 years or more, I am not a fan of Pepe’s in Yonkers and they are quite close for me. Every few years I try them again, hoping something has changed, but it just doesn’t measure up to the original or even Fairfield. Fortunately Sally’s is excellent, as is Grigg street (Greenwich),Johnny’s (MT.Vernon),Pizzeria La Rosa (New Rochelle). Sal’s (Mamaroneck) for a traditional N.Y. slice or Sicilian, Mama’s too (NYC) pepperoni and many others (as You can see ,I will travel for my pizza). Moderns Italian bomb being missed in this area. Colony is an acquired taste, I like it, but not blown away by it and it is the one I could not eat day in and day out.