Stage Left Steak in New Brunswick

Looks like Stage Left has finally made the transition to steak house. I knew they had been offering a steak house menu (from info on this site) but I did not realize they had actually changed the name of the restaurant to Stage Left Steak. Has anyone been SINCE the change, which apparently occurred around Memorial Day?

@NotJrvedivici volunteers to check it out!!!

I already did!! While not officially the steakhouse at that time I had the steakhouse menu and porterhouse for 2 at the time.

See, I knew it.

How’s was haskelling?

Irish War Cry is the most overrated horse of its caliber in the past decade. Attendance seemed weak and to keep things somewhat on topic the food choices were nothing but standard track fare.

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We went, had a wonderful chat with Mark, and did what we always do…got the burger. The changes weren’t really enough to register, excepting the salt blocks and the admission that fat should be an offering in and of itself.

Ya know the restaurant in the stands, the Dining Terrace, is actually ok in the off season. Especially when compared to the run of the swill down the shore.

My in laws love the ponies, so we go on a regular basis when they visit. Burgers, Sammie’s, good fries, simple stuff. And a little off track pari mutuel.

There are worse ways to spend an afternoon.

Ha, ha…yes, the legendary burger. Good choice. I looked at the new menu and it seems to be vastly different from what I remember. Hoping some others who have gone since Memorial Day will chime in.