Stackry, international shipping

Anyone use this service personally or for friends/family?
I’m curious.

No, but sure wish that had existed when I was an expat. Not for every day stuff, as we shopped locally, but random things like English-language books and spare parts? Oh, I’d have lived to have had something like this.

And dumb stuff like good plastic wrap, Crest toothpaste, and Nyquil. Lol

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The only third-party shipper I use is Tropical for LTL into the Caribbean. Mostly I use DHL and FedEx depending on the country. The big deal is having all the customs paperwork in order. Not hard, just boring.

Hey, Dave, I used to ship an insane quantity of building materials into San Juan on Crowley Maritime. Eventually ran 50’ ro-ros, but Crowley did a great job of my smaller shipments, too. DM me if you ever need any info…I shipped stuff around the world for years (including my own household, twice)

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