St. Pete Zgrille

Met some friends from Miami who were up this way last night. We ate light and split a few of starters and a main. Dr. Pepper ribs, roasted brussels sprouts, deviled eggs, an agrugala salad and a scallop dish.

It has been awhile since I was last there. My last meal a couple of years ago was off and they didn’t handle it well and we were off to a show directly after. Glad I returned. I’d go just for the ribs. Fall off the bone with some bite (yes I know too well this is not a trait of competition ribs) but damn they were tasty. The flash fry after braising them gives the exterior a slight crunch. Scallops were cooked perfectly. Everything was tasty

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Making noodles. Phongdien Town, Cantho City, Southern Vietnam.
Credit: CiaoHo