St. Louis -- not quite downtown

Wow, I’m surprised Chicago (one of my favorite foodie cities) doesn’t have its own board.

Anyway, I’m posting about St. Louis, or more specifically Maryland Heights, which is about 20 minutes outside of downtown St. Louis from what I’ve heard. I’ve had to travel to this location for work on a few occasions, and it’s business park central. Aside from 1-2 eateries, I’ve been coming up somewhat empty for some more interesting destinations.

I have made my way to Wudon Korean BBQ, and had some pretty good meals there, but even I can’t do that every night. I was also struck by what seems like a fairly high ratio of Korean restaurants relative to their population, which is a good thing in my book. Anyway, I will need to be back and I usually go for about a week at a stretch. Any good eats that are worth the rideshare drive? Anything up to about 20 mins is certainly feasible. More than that and it would have to be truly amazing. I’m generally not looking for steak and stuff when I’m traveling.

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As far as StL, what kind of foods besides American and Korean and are you willing to venture into the city or you want to stay out in Suburbia?

I’m generally open to anything. I’m usually don’t like heavy meals when I travel. Not a huge barbecue or same person unless it’s very special. Coming from Boston, I would not look for season unless it’s unique and local to the area.

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Jeesh - that’s what I get for trying to do this on my phone. I meant to write – not a sandwich person, not same. And I also meant I would not look for seafood. :pensive:

I figured you meant seasonal so it made sense anyway. I’ve had a couple of good responses over on FB but I have to c& p them to here.

Here’s a start:

Fancy: The Crossing In Clayton, 15 minutes away. Missouri trout, MIssouri beef, $50 tasting menu available. I would go with a companion.

Traditional: Charlie Gitto’s On The HIll. 9 minutes away. Traditional Italian in the famous “The HIll” Italian neighborhood. “Toasted” ravioli which is fried AF but tasty once in a while. You can eat at the bar here.

Cheap: Seoul Taco, 6665 Delmar, couple minutes away. This is a loud skateboardy place that has stuff like Bulgogi Tacos and Kimchi Fried Rice. This neighborhood is called University City, there are a couple of Thai places, an Indian, and a traditional taco place just down the street among others . You could probably just walk down the street and make a decision that way.


I’m always glad when you drop in. :slight_smile:

If you have a little time and care to cross the Mississippi to Alton, there are some cool places. Fast Eddie’s Bon Aire is a dive bar/diner & wowza, it’s really something. Shrimp basket, etc. Worth it if you like the old-school.
Gentelin’s in downtown Alton used to be terrific.
You said no BBQ but. . . For the record, the Hawg Pit, up-river, just above Grafton, has the usual plus the best pit- roasted potatoes. You can buy a bottle of wine nearby and eat on a dock overlooking the river (right at the confluence).
Google before you go, though. My info is several years old.
The area isn’t very big. Half an hour gets you where you want to go.


Woo-hoo, thanks for all the recommendations! This is a great start.