St. Lawrence Market report [Toronto]

Met up with a friend recently to wander around the St. Lawrence Market. Visited some favourites and tried a few new things. Would love to hear about other’s people’s go-tos.

Got a mocha latte (too sweet) and a regular latte (fine) at Everyday Gourmet.

Had to have a peameal bacon sandwich with honey mustard form Carousel - lovely as always. Has anyone tried the rival peameal bacon sandwiches? Would love to know if they are worth getting.

Tried the whole wheat bagel with salmon pate (because they were out of whitefish) from St. Urbain. The bagel is OK, though not as good as Bagel House. The pate was a bit too liquidy and runny.

Next up was the pirozhky with sauerkraut from Future. The dough was slightly sweet and the sauerkraut was great. It would have been better warmed up.

On to a lobster roll from Buster’s Sea Cove. Really good! One of the best things we had - lemony and very little mayo.

We then sampled a freshly made arepa from Manotas. This was great, slightly crusty on the outside, sweet corn and cheese on the warm inside.

We then picked up some stuff to take home:

  • fresh pasta from Pizza and Pasta, with their combo sauce (tomato, alfredo, and pesto). The pasta was lovely and the sauce, though it sounds like a train wreck, is quite delicious.
  • Portuguese chicken sandwich from Churrasco of St. Lawrence. This is still the hidden gem of the market - moist chicken, piripiri sauce, on a soft bun.
  • cheeses from Monforte - Piacere (their buffalo version of Fleur de Marquis, coated in herbs) and a simple bloom rind cheese with peppercorns.
  • and some delicious potato rosemary bread from a stall I forget the name of in the farmer’s market tent.

I haven’t been to St Lawrence Market in years! Probably 5 years!

Glad you enjoyed it!

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It’s funny how two people can go to SLM and have two completely different experiences.

I buy coffee from Everday Gourmet, but I drink espresso from Pasta Mia. They don’t seem to mind me having my butter croissant from Stonemill while I’m at their counter.

I make a special trip for Pasta Mia whenever I run out of balsamic and finishing olive oil. They carry my favourites and for unbeatable prices. I strongly prefer their fresh pasta over the other place and the frozen filled pastas are no slouch either.

For Ukranian eats, I’m all about Dnister. Whatever looks good that day is what’s going in my belly.

Still downstairs, if I’m stocking my pantry with hard to find items, Lively Life is my go-to. They pack a lot of punch in that tiny shop. Well run, well organized and no matter how busy, they’ll always answer your questions.

I have never been a Carousel Bakery fan. Someone needs to prove to me that they actually bake anything. If it tastes like What-a-Bagel, there’s a reason. What-a-Rip-Off.

Churrasco of St Lawrence is it if I want a large, freshly-made sandwich. And not the pre-made piri piri chicken one, delicious though that may be. Nay, nay. Gimme that bifana on a beautiful Portuguese bun with the works please. They make it when you order it and not a second sooner.

If you love their chicken, grab a bottle of their piri piri sauce. It’s my secret marinade weapon when I’m feeling lazy. I’ve never found a tastier one.

100% agree on Monforte Dairy. It’s hard for me to not go crazy at their stand and buy just about everything. Did you know you can order online for pick up at 3 Toronto markets? Me neither. Sounds like a good way to avoid disappointment.

Olympic Cheese is also quite good with vast selection and good product knowledge from the older staff. I quite like their reggiano.

Across from Olympic, I stock up on Kozlik’s Daily Dijon. It’s perfectly harmonious in sauces, rubs, and marinades. My cooking Dijon every time, but impossible to find in grocery stores. Why, why, Why???

For produce on a weekday, Ponesse is my go-to. It’s apparently popular with other SLM vendors too. After all, they’ve had more than a century to build their reputation.

I don’t buy seafood there because, as one honest vendor put it, I live blocks away from Diana’s Seafood Delight and her Oyster Bar.

If time is of the essence and I can’t make it to one of my preferred butchers, then I’ll hit:

That’s it from me for now. Nice article here. I don’t agree with all they say, but such is Toronto. Our diversity unifies us.


I tried my first bifana at SLM thanks to your recommendation over a decade ago.


Hi Googs, could you please clarify:

Upper Cut Meats for all things pork, except

You mean except pork? May I ask why? I’ve never tried this butcher before. Thanks.

Good people. Arrive early and talk to them.

Except bacon. Gotta be La Boucherie for bacon.

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