St. Kitts

We’re looking for good places to eat near the Marriott Beach Club in the SE part of the island. We’ll have a couple of young children in our party.

Marshalls is a family favorite, Reggae Beach Bar, avoid the food shacks as they aren’t sanitary. The restaurant in your hotel runs a special on Monday. Rock Lobster, Carambola, Salt Plage used to do a great bbq on Sunday’s. The coffee shop just outside your hotel Rituals is really great & cheaper than the hotel.
I have been to St Kitts many times & experiencing a brain freeze.
Hopefully this is helpful, love St Kitts & you will too .Avoid at all costs Mr. X ‘s Shiggeddy Shack food poisoning is a major issue.
Spice Mill is fun for a beach day. It’s been 3 years since I was there , also pro tip check out Nevis get the ferry at the port it’s fun to take a cab around & go to the hot springs


Thanks! This is a big help. We’ve been to St. Kitts a couple of times, and while we visit the beach bars (and will go for the show at Mr. X’s), we only consume bottled beverages.

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Your welcome, I have been to St Kitts in excess of 20 times and the less I say about Shiggeddy Shack the better.Enjoy .

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Another question. We’ll have a kitchen, but, as you say, the less said about the grocery options, the better. I see there’s a Rams Head to go nearby now. is the food any good? Are the wine and beer prices somewhere close to reasonable?

Not really familiar with it , sorry.
My girlfriend son went to Vet school on the island for 3 years & the grocery prices were as expected for an island country.

Nothing much to offer but my mother’s family is from Nevis and I’ve been there , so…that’s it… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I get excited when someone mentions St. Kitts and Nevis.


We’re just back from St. Kitts. Great trip. Marshall’s was superb. The ceviche at Reggae Beach Bar was great. Tiranga (Indian) and Rock Lobster in Kittian Village were both good, and Boozie’s on the Beach (on the Frigate Bay strip) had a sensational creole sauce. Another place on the strip Cathy’s, also got lots of good reports. Rituals Coffee was better than Starbucks, and the grandkids declared their doughnuts better than Starbucks but not as good as the Dunkin chocolate-filled.
We stayed at the Marriott villas, and the beach grill was good. There were two bartenders at the swim-up. One measured and never let it overflowed. The other poured
No more fire dance at Mr’ X’s Shiggity Shack. The place is pretty deserted, understandably.


Oh – and no trip to Nevis, alas. We really wanted to hit Lime again. IT seems to have gotten more elaborate in recent years. There’s a party bar next door – Sunshine or something


Thanks for reporting back! It sounds like you enjoyed your trip.

My work is done glad you guys had a great time.
Looking forward to St Kitts return in November