SSL Certificate expired?

HO uses an SSL certificate provided by Let’s Encrypt, and it expired on 9/30/2021. I sent a link to the Greek cooking topic to my father, and his Apple Mail wouldn’t open it, probably because he has an older version of OSX. Details are here:

The link to COTQ worked fine for me in Linux and a very recent Mac Mail.

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Let me look into this.

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What I don’t understand is when I looked at the certificate, I see the following when I am using Edge:

R3/ ISRG Root X1- valid till 9/15/2025
Another one says R3 valid till 11/21/2021

When I am using Chrome, it says the cert is expired- valid till 9/22/2021

So its quite confusing that the expiration date seems to vary depend on which browser I use and which window I open to get this info.

I will likely just go and force renew the cert if it can be done.

That is confusing. Apparently, there are different versions of the certs that some browsers are able to recognize, but others don’t. The problem came up twice, only on older Macs, once for my parents and once for a user in another forum who couldn’t even reach Wikipedia. That user was somehow able to configure her Safari to accept one version of the certificate. I don’t really know what’s going on, personally.

There are three certificates:

  1. this one is refreshed today and it expires on 1/4/2022
  2. R3- this one expires 9/15/2025
  3. ISRG Root X1- this one expires 6/4/2035.

So as far as I can see all the certs are current so hopefully the person won’t run into issues.

May also need to delete the browser cache as some browser seems to look at the old cert in the cache and tell me the old expiry date.