Sriracha at a Cheesesteak Diner

I have occasionally visited this local diner in the last 9 years It has this 1950’s retro decoration. Many of the patrons are 50’s or above. It is one of the first restaurants which I have visited after I moved to New Jersey, so it has a special place in my heart. It specializes cheesesteak, burger, tomato pie, milkshake…etc. I haven’t been there for more than 2 years or longer. In my recent visit, most things have stayed the same. Well, one thing has changed, it is now placing Sriracha hot sauce on the tables instead of Tabasco. The Tabasco hot sauce is now tucked away in a shelf. I suppose this means you will need to request the Tabasco.

Who would have thought Sriracha would have made its way into a 1950’s retro decor diner?

It’s not surprising to me at all. Sriracha became all the rage a few years ago and people still think it’s “cool” to add hot sauce to everything…they wear it like a badge of honor. Never figured that out.

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Yeah I’m not very surprised by that either. Sriracha has become my favorite “go to” hot sauce, so I can see it’s growing popularity.

I can see Sriracha being popular with younger folks, but I am surprised that it was placed in a diner with many older patrons. Maybe it is cheaper?

So what are you trying to say CK? I’m too old to appreciate the fine firey flavor of Sriracha? Hmmmm?

I’ve also adopted it into a lot of my home cooking as well, recently I mixed it in my ground beef for stuffed cabbage or put a healthy serving into your cheese sauce for mac n cheese. Oh yeah…

Why is it strange that they replaced one brand of hot sauce with a different brand?

I would have noticed that change as well. But I’m not “surprised” in the sense that I bet some “young” new manager wanted to “change things up” - but the older establishment wouldn’t have it. So changing the hot sauce brand was the only thing they were willing to give on.

Change is rough in those type of places (both a good thing and a bad thing sometimes).

I guess. Sriracha does not come across to fit the 1950’s diner theme. :slight_smile:

Oh, I see your point. Wasn’t thinking of the decor.

I wasn’t considering this aspect either when I commented earlier, now I have a new theory. Perhaps this diner is the one from the Back to The Future movie, where Marty McFly first runs into his teenage father. Perhaps Marty brought the Sriracha with him in the Delorean and you just discovered the clue to prove time travel is possible!!!

Great. We have one “back to the future” with a Sriracha sauce in a 1950’s diner and then another “back to the past” with a 1950’s theme diner in a 2016 real world.


Freaky isn’t it. Somethings are better left unknown my friend.

Sriracha is the new ketchup for Americans in every single way. People who would never dream of putting ketchup on scrambled eggs or fish will do it with sriracha. Most people I know who are “into” sriracha are over 40.

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I’m over forty and really don’t like it at all .

Didn’t say all people over 40 like sriracha. In response to people saying it was liked by younger folks, I offered the personal observation that most people I know who buy or use sriracha are over 40. That’s all.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

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