SriPraPhai, Queens

we havent been since the pandemic began, weather was perfect for sitting in their garden. we shared a number of our favorites: watercress salad, panang curry, crispy pork belly and drunken noodles. my wife loves their mango mojito.

I like spice level four where level five is “thai spicy”, my wife likes level three so we compromised and ordered level three :grinning: The food was delicious though I do wonder if they’ve started frying the watercress in advance.


Everything looks great, but the drunken noodles and pork especially!

I think I’d be happy at 3 there with mrs. vinous :smiley:

(If it were very busy, maybe they were frying big batches of the watercress, but otherwise it seems like it would be too easily detectable as stale-fried?)

My favorite Thai, just blocks away from my old place in Sunnyside! Of everything in Queens, I miss Sripraphai and basically half the restaurants in Jackson Heights the most. Bummer that the watercress wasn’t up to snuff, but everything else looks amazing. I too love their drunken noodles and crispy pork belly!

the fried watercress tasted fine but it was room temp, maybe it was always like that, not sure but it struck me as strange. The spice level on most of the dishes was fine for me but I do enjoy their spicier version of panang curry. Also, I love their papaya salad but my wife finds it too spicy so we haven’t ordered it in a bit. Maybe I’ll go during the open on one of the days my wife doesn’t attend and order it though flushing calls…