Sri Venkateswatera Temple in [Bridgewater, NJ]

Open to the public, the Sri Venkateswatera Temple is a stunning piece of architecture. You’re welcome to enter the temple (sans shoes). And/or head to the canteen for some delicious and fresh South Indian food.

The cafeteria or canteen is located around the back, near the parking lot.

The entrance is easy to find because from the outside, the cafeteria entrance looks like an elementary school cafeteria, just pretend that you’re outside for recess heading back in.

Once inside, you’ll see dozens of people happily eating post-prayer an array of options. The weekends are the best in the canteen, as it’s open for lunch and dinner, and there are more options on the menu. On weekdays it is only open for dinner.

The rules: You enter the canteen, then head towards the door on the left in the back, beside the steam tables, to find the cashier. You buy your items, receive a receipt, and hand it to the workers on the steam table to receive your items.

Everything my friends and I sampled were pretty top-notch. The chutneys were slightly lacking but, the dosas are made fresh to order and were very tasty.

The samosas were perhaps the best here, fresh and flaky, pretty incredible filling, the cut mirchi was perfectly done, lightly fried, and the free sambar is very good.

Prices are extremely cheap, and all profits support the temple.


That sounds like a really cool experience. Did you snap any pics? (It could be frowned upon, I’m not sure as I have never tried anything like this)

It’s definitely a fun experience, a bit of a food destination. I had read stories about the now infamous Ganesh Temple Canteen in Queens, and then realized we had one in Jersey as well.

And I believe that you’re actually right, it is seen as frowned upon to take photos within the temple.
I’m sure it’s fine in the cafeteria, but we did not.

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