Sri Lankan food - is this restaurant the real deal?

I’ve just come across a place in town which claims to serve traditional Sri Lankan food.

Now, I’m a Sri Lankan food virgin so would appreciate some help here. Does this menu look “traditional” and, if so (or even if not completely so), what should I be ordering to give it a proper try?


I’ve been to Sri Lanka and eaten at many Sri Lankan restaurants in London. It has dishes I’d expect but the menu has been slightly tweaked ( as you’d expect). Can’t see any deviled dishes so spice heat might be not Sri Lankan level. I see they have egg hoppers on the menu. If you go there and you can’t have them after 12pm, definitely a proper Sri Lankan place. (I have tried this in London several times and never succeeded)

Yep, they’re there. Described as “A true taste of Sri Lanka, a stir fried spicy dish with onion, leek, capsicum, tomatoes, cooked in garlic and ginger. Served with rice and chilli paste.”

Sorry, quite a long menu , I missed those. Worth a go I say. Personally I love mutton kotthu, this and any fish curry would be my go to dishes in a Sri Lankan place.

Thanks, mate. I’ll put it on the “to try” list.