Spring 2022 green tea

Spring 2022 dragon well longjing tea,nice!


That seems very quick for the 2022, presumably before Qing Ming, dragon well. How much does it go for this batch? Region?

I’d suggest you use a Chinese tea cup for it if you are investing in tea of such caliber. It lets you see the color better.

Thanks so much for your advice. I have the Kung Fu tea set and glass cups.
This is Xihu Longjing, from Shifeng. Very precious.

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Where did you purchase the tea from?

I’m thinking about ordering some 2022 matcha. Super expensive, but I keep saying that every year and it gets more expensive. Would love any recommendations or even advice on whether the fancy stuff is worth it.

Sorry, I don’t know enough about matcha to give you advice. I usually only drink loose leaf tea.
As to whether it’s worth buying such an expensive tea, I personally think it is. Because good things are worth pursuing and aspiring to. This tea is only drunk once a year and it is extremely tasty.

Would you mind sharing where you purchase this tea from?

About $900 for 250 gram in USA. $3-4 per gram (for first flush頭茶)

I don’t like the glass cup approach. It looks nice, but it tastes worse. ShiFeng is a good region.


I love Matcha. Hmmm… “Is the pricey one worth it” is a tough question. I definitely would say it is worth to go from the low grade to the middle or middle high grade. Once you are at the middle-high grade… then going up is about personal taste.

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For me, 250 gram is a lot for a tea that one can keep maximum 1 year.

Same here. 250 gram is not small especially I drink more than 1-2 type of tea. However, for someone who like to drink tea everyday and only one type of tea, then 250 gram is not bad at all. Each brew is between 2-5 gram (depending your personal preference). Let’s say 4 grams. That will only last 2 months, and I am sure plenty people drink more than 1 cup of tea a day. So I have seen people buy 2-3 bags of these from stores. Now, I sure these are the people who don’t mind spending good money to buy first flush (head tea頭茶).


This tea comes from oriarm tea, but it is not available on their website. You can consult them if you want to try it.

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Interesting. Debating whether I should go down this rabbit hole…

Hi hi. It seems you are living in that Boston and NYC area. There probably are some great tea shops you can taste and buy from. What kind of tea are you into?

I’m in Baltimore. I did deep dives into coffee and tea during the pandemic. I purposely stayed away from First Flush and Pu’Er because those are very large chapters. We have a great tea shop here named Pillion Tea which matches my tastes better than DC’s stores, but it’s hard to find a shop which is exceptional in all types of tea. Aside from Harney and Upton, I have ordered from Yunan Sourcing, White2Tea, Verdant, and others I can’t recall right now. In NYC, I always visit Harney’s retail store. I don’t know if the Taiwanese oolong shop in Flushing, NY is still there. Haven’t been there in many years, but I haven’t yet found anything online near that quality. I am thinking about ordering some premium matchas online from Kettl or Yinomi, just waiting for a break in my schedule.

Hi. I think the difference of First Flush to other early pick is very subtle to me. I am glad you find a tea shop you like. You said you tried to stay away from Pu Erh, but Yunan Sourcing and White2Tealean toward Pu Erh. If you are interested in Pu Erh tea, I also recommend Banateacompany. They don’t have a huge selection, but the small selection Linda has is good. It ranges from affordable to expensive ($25 for 100 gram cake… all the way to $3000 for a 357 gram cake).

I also like Matcha too. Thanks for pointing out Kettl or Yinomi. I may give them a try.

I’m not getting very serious about Pu’Er because it’s a huge subject. I love to study all the food things, but then the rest of life suffers, so I have to make time. (Food is a full-time hobby I always say.) I think I purchased white tea from Yunnan Sourcing and milk oolong from White2Tea. Tea can get very expensive. I’m hoping to develop some sort of alliance where we can pool funds, purchase expensive tea, and one person ships to the rest. I did this once during the pandemic but didn’t find any other partners after that. It was a lot of fun and gave me a great starting point for my tea journey.

Banateacompany can ship small set of taster tea (like 5-10 gram). I suspect other tea shops may able to do this as well.

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When I used to travel to China I brought home Taiwan tea. Day to day tea Taiwan seemed better than China.

I would spend $1k on a coffee grinder but not on 250g of tea. :sweat_smile:

You traveled to China to bring Taiwan tea?