Spring 2022 (Apr-June) Cuisine of the Quarter - NOMINATIONS

Hey HOs! Spring is here and it’s time to select a new Cuisine of the Quarter. For those ex-CHs that are just joining us, Cuisine of the Quarter is a broad thread focusing on the cuisine of a single nation (or in some cases, like SLAVIC a few quarters ago, a group of closely-related countries). We discuss cookbooks, specialty ingredients and sources, culture/language, restaurants and restaurant meals - you name it, anything goes for COTQ. For your reference, here’s a link to ALL of our past COTQ threads:

Please make your nominations in ALL CAPS below. I’ll tally the nominations and post a voting thread next Friday, March 25. Looking forward to seeing your choices!


I nominate HAWAIIAN :hibiscus:

I also nominate PORTUGUESE :portugal:


I know it’s included in Slav cuisine but given the circumstances today, with all the immigrants leaving the country, I wonder if the cooking will stay the same.


:sunflower: :sunflower: :sunflower:UKRAINIAN :ukraine: :ukraine: :ukraine:

Eta. All caps

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I realize this could have been done during Italian quarter, but I’ll toss it in anyway: SARDINIAN

I nominate ETHIOPIAN

Haha @MelMM you know I’m here for it:

I’d be interested also to learn about the specificity of:

And in support of the sentiment:

Plus I forgot:

So many good options!

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I’ll add my nomination for UKRAINIAN.

The Olia Hercules book Mamushka, which was nominated for COTM, is not readily available except for in an ebook format. I did grab it while it was on sale in the Kindle version. But I’d like to draw your attention to another of her books, Summer Kitchens, which is also focused on Ukraine. It’s still available in hardcover. I ordered it, and it arrived yesterday. It looks lovely.

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Hi HOs! Thanks for your nominations - the voting thread is now live! Spring 2022 (Apr-Jun) Cuisine of the Quarter - VOTING