Spring 2019 (Apr-Jun) Cuisine of the Quarter - NOMINATIONS

Clearly spring fever has addled my wits, because I completely forgot to ask for nominations last week! Hit me with your best ideas for Spring cuisines in ALL CAPS below - we’ll have a vote early next week!

If you want a refresher on which cuisines have been focused:

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Levantine Cuisine. It will give me an excuse to try some recipes from a book I picked up the other day for £1 from a charity shop. Also should be quite good as we head towards summer.

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Perhaps from Zahev or Shaya?

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Realize the focus is on a particular cuisine rather than a specific cookbook, just thought I’d mention those two; there’s another - Israeli Soul. All look interesting. My second cuisine pick would be for Turkish.

BENGALI (indian is too broad…)

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I must say, nominations look exciting this season!! It would be hard to choose.

Do the organizers usually cross-post to the WFD & NJ boards, ie the collections of active “cooking” folks around here?

Depend on individual posters, I would say quite often they cross post in WFD and COTQ. As for WFD NJ, no idea.

Sorry - I meant is the nomination/voting mentioned on those threads, so more people know & can participate.

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Good point, I remember seeing @biondanonima doing that in the past, not sure about this time.

I haven’t yet, but I usually do - thanks for the reminder!

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Let us talk Southern-Hemisphere… They are going to winter we are going to summer…
New Zeland, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa?
Just saying!!!

Voting thread is now live! Spring 2019 (Apr-Jun) Cuisine of the Quarter - VOTING

Also, just as an FYI - there were many cuisines mentioned on the thread but not necessarily listed in ALL CAPS - I only put those in ALL CAPS up for a vote, to keep the field to a manageable size.

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