Sprig, Oceanport (Previously West Long Branch)

So it’s Memorial Day weekend down the shore, restaurants are crazy busy and the girls want to get together for lunch where it’s not too crowded. We decided it would be a good time to try SPRIG, a small unassuming restaurant in the Consumer Center strip mall. We’ve heard wonderful reports, and were hesitant to try it for dinner, but lunch? Why not? OMG! We didn’t expect it to be THAT GOOD!
My friend & I shared a generous corned beef sandwich that came with their home made pickles. I don’t even like pickles but these were thinly shaved ,sweet, spicy & salty. Very different & delicious! We also shared the chicken salad, made with just the right amount of mayo, cranberries & almonds on a brioche bun. I don’t know what else they put in it but my friend, the chicken salad mavin said it was the best she’s had in a long time. We shared a portion of hot crispy fries (enough for 3 or 4 people) and we both ended up bringing home leftovers of the large sandwiches . Chef Sam (I’m guessing chef/owner) came out to check & chat with us and said that almost everything is made in house! The corned beef (!), the yummy brioche rolls, they make all of their own pasta. He was a pastry chef as well, so all of the desserts are homemade as well, however, we didn’t have room to sample. He did however, send over a bowl with 2 flavors of homemade ice cream-- pistachio and a ricotta with cookie crumble topping, which we managed to finish.
The ambiance is definitely cafe’ strip mall, but the food was fresh & amazing. I will be going back for dinner and introducing Wizard2 to Sprig–the dinner menu looks great!
https://sprigmarket.com/ BYO


I have known Sam a long time and while not having been here yet, I’m not surprised to hear all the good buzz I have about the place. I will get there, but please keep getting the word out, he’s a good guy and certainly deserves this success. ( He had a real set back during the pandemic so I’m glad to see him bouncing back this way )


I def will be trying this place soon. This place looked good but hadn’t heard anyone speak of it. Glad to hear it’s the real deal.


Email sent out yesterday morning.

It Is With Heavy Hearts That We Have Closed Sprig
Dining & Cafe. We wanted to take this time to say thank you for all the support, smiles, laughs, hugs, and high fives. It was truly our pleasure to share our food and serve you in such a way that warmed our hearts. So from the bottom of our hearts we say THANK YOU!!
This is Good Bye for Now But Not Forever…

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That’s a spriggin’ shame. Meant to get there, but never got around to it, assuming it’ll be there waiting for me. A life lesson, there.

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Same. Been meaning to try it after reading the review here. Sadly I think it was just a really bad location and prob not a cheap one at that.
Before I clicked on the thread when I saw it was updated I literally said to myself, hey I need to try this place, let’s go tonight.


Really sad to see what sounded like a good spot closed, but I thought (based on the first post here) it had only recently opened…?

Wow…I’m very surprised by this. (Picks up phone to make a few inquiries) That’s a shame, I was truly rooting for Sam.


While this was mentioned in the thread for the previous occupant, I figured it would be better to boost this thread, since they are the new tenants. Congrat’s to them, I wish them all the best. (I saw Sam recently and he didn’t mention a peep)


Than @NotJrvedivici , I didn’t see this one pop up when I was looking to post. Will be excited for this spot. That location should be a home run and has fumbled the bag repeatedly. I am making this one of my top priorities to hit once it opens


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