My favorite of these is from Randy’s by LAX. Seems more apples and juicer inside / crispier outside.

Any other candidates ?


Apple Fritter?

Easiest questions I’ve had today.

Monarch’s Donuts in Arcadia (get there early, if they run out, they run out).

A wee little gelato ice cream shop in Sonoma.

It’s soft serve … cold, sweet, smooth. What else is there to say? :blush:


thank you. We like to hit up the arboretum so that will work!

im not super into the expensive donuts at side car but the huckleberry one is nice - they have apple fritters on fridays only…haven’t tried…i am curious however have you checked those out?

on a related note, sometimes S and K by park la brea does one that’s got pineapple instead of apple, it’s not the same quality as randy’s for me, but i like the mix up with the pineapple.

The best apple fritter is at Oliboli.
I will not be taking any questions.


If you find yourself in the South Bay needing a delicious burger, check out The Standing Room on Catalina in Redondo Beach. You order inside a divey looking liquor store, get food at the outside window, and use the parking lot tables to consume. Or take home/to King Harbor but best hot. Didn’t take a decent pic on account of needing both hands to eat and protect my napkins from the wind. There is a more substantial sister restaurant in Torrance but this one oozes charm IMO.

The Standing Room


Bostock, B.Patisserie, San Francisco.


Celtics beating Warriors, Lakers losing, Nets losing, happy hour drink and smoked wing specials and this = winning

Bludsoes on La Brea

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This place is legendary.

For QPR, it’s hard to beat their basic burger (either the Naked or the Classic). Seriously, where else can you get a 1/2 pound of quality beef for $10.

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Hi thanks for welcoming me to your webpage !

Here’s what we just call “sexi-time”

Have a great weekend.


An oldie but a goodie.


Not really “extreme” but still tasty!



Hi @ipsedixit ,

That’s… Bavel’s Lamb Hummus with Fresh-Made Pita right? Or it looks like it! :slight_smile:


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Seeing boudin on the menu at the Horses restaurant (thanks chowseeker) and walking thru the farmers market i bought a pack of boudin at Maraconda meats. Louisiana style, these are damn tasty. Delicious notes of liver and other lips and you know whats probably but lots of rice and fat and crisped up nicely. thin natural casings. When kids don’t know there’s liver and stuff, that’s a plus - they loved em. Used the other two in the pack to stuff bell peppers with. Took me back to Nola for a moment while we enjoyed.

on a separate note it’s not the hottest but the tabasco scorpion sauce went great with these. It’s def a notch or 3 hotter than regular tabasco but it does combine heat and nice flavor. I has some guava in it believe it or not but its not sweet or fruity. Too hot for my kids.

combined, a really exotic tasty “snack” for us for a good value!

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It’s not delivery it’s digiorno?

Looks like some hotel room-service kinda treat.

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I like this thread. I had been more of a spontaneous eater until Chowhound’s 2006 redesign. I’ve been switching back to that approach more lately.

My at-home spontaneous bite. Brie with black currant jam on a cranberry orange morning pita. I’ve been digging Brie with tart jam lately.

Scrappy’s cardamom bitters in my coffee with some milk and maple syrup, since the honey cardamom latte and cardamom lattes I’m craving are 120 miles away.


Along those lines, there’s a spot called Joan’s on Third that does a great sandwich on a thin little baguette called a ficelle that features apricot glazed ham and Fromager D’Affinois double-cream cheese. It sort of hits those notes for me and they can make em fresh but usually have a bunch ready to roll. Slim and well organized sandwiches, these are great to take up the Hollywood Bowl.

8350 West Third Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90048

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