Split threads doing strange things?

I was following (may have posted to) a Boston thread about restaurant openings and closings. (Fall 2015)

The powers that be decided it was too hard to follow the thread so split it into lots of little threads about each restaurant mentioned.

Now a few times a day the site says I have a new message/comment from that thread (little blue circle with a 1) and 3 unread messages. If I actually click on the unread link I have no unread posts and if I click on the little blue circle it takes me to the thread where everything is split off but there are no new posts.

What is going on? Anyone else having this happen?

Yes this happens to me as well

I got those messages as well. I think when your post is split, you got a notification from the admin (it’s automatic integrated into the forum software I bet). It happens also when your post is moved from one board to another.

Yes but I keep getting the same “message/notification” over and over again about the same post splitting, accompanied by the same notice that I have 3 unread posts but when I click to see them it says I have no unread posts.

I’ve even put the original thread back to “normal”, so technically i shouldn’t be getting notifications about that thread anymore - and I still get them . . .

just strange

Mmmm, @hungryonion should step in to examine this.

Hmmph. I looked at it but couldn’t find the issue yet. Next time this happens, can you don’t click on the notification, and just flag it in this thread? I will go into your account to research the issue.


Alternatively, you can try muting that thread since its old and see if that helps things.