Spiga (New Canaan, CT) - Old World Red Sauce Meets New Italian

Spiga Wine Bar opened quietly in New Canaan a few weeks ago, offering a menu that combines old world Italian red sauce cuisine with modern interpretations of classic dishes. The new owners redesigned the interior to offer a family focus for early guests followed by a hip environment as the evening progresses. After two visits, I am pretty impressed with the food, but was a little taken aback by the noise level. I was subsequently invited by the owners to visit one afternoon to sample additional items, discuss the changes envisioned to the menu and how the owners are addressing the desire of guests to enjoy conversation with friends and family. Some major wins included Meat Platter of Prosciutto di Parma, Soppressata and Porchetta with Mozzarella ($25.50); Calabrese Pizza ($16), which was a great spicy-sweet combo; Fried Meatballs ($9) that were soft and delicate inside with a crunchy exterior; Roasted Brussels Sprouts ($9), the chef did not burn the outside like so many do and the pancetta was a great addition; the Short Rib Ravioli (Lunch $17; Dinner $20), rich filling with an earthy sauce (more a fall and winter dish); and the Market Cioppino (Lunch $23; Dinner $26) with great flavor in the broth and perfectly cooked seafood.

For a full review check it out at CTbites here.


Are these the same people that operated a Spiga in Westchester some years back? It was located in Rye Brook. It was a popular place in its day for its family style Italian service…

There was also a Spiga on Central ave. I think it was family style.

That’s right, Gwenn. If it is Par & company again, they have been turning over restaurants left and right over the years…

Just came to me. It was the Racanelli family who started Spiga. The same family that owned Pizza & Brews in West/Conn…

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