? Spicy Hunan Kitchen, Woburn, ma.

Hi everyone. I’ve been driving through Woburn Center these past few months and have seen a sign over a store front, but cannot find anything written about it. Anyone hear anything about a new restaurant in town called Spicy Hunan Kitchen? Thanks.

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There was a short discussion on Chowhound a while back. https://www.chowhound.com/post/restaurant-coming-woburn-spicy-hunan-kitchen-1081581

It’s been open for a little while now. I finally dropped in and it’s an interesting venue. Funny hall with lights on the walls, to banquet rooms in the back, I think. I had quick fried spicy lamb. a lot of fresh cilantro and very tasty. I also had the spicy chicken wing app. thick sauce and double fried cripy wings. Very good. reminded me of the sticky vietnamese wings from Simply Khmer in Lowell.


It is an odd and very large space for downtown Woburn, feels like one is entering a nightclub on the way to the big rear dining room. Menu is a mix of American-Chinese, Japanese sushi/sashimi and very traditional Hunanese cuisine: these are the same people behind Sei Bar in Wakefield, which is one of the most traditional Hunanese spots in Greater Boston. (The two other North Shore Sei Bar outlets are typical Westernized Chinese/Thai/Japanese spots, pretty middlin’.)

I prefer the Hunanese fare, think it’s terrific both here and at Sei Bar, but the versatility of the Woburn spot was great for the big crowd I brought there for a birthday lunch, which had some very timid eaters who were able to go with The General or California rolls or chicken teriyaki.