Spicy Chile Crisp

Now I know I’m going to have to find this. And make the peanut sesame brittle recipe at the end of the article.



Have you seen this thread? I’m in the cult!

Spicy Chili Crisp Sauce Recipe from Serious Eats


This is the first I’ve heard of it! Sounds great! I actually searched this site for “spicy chile crisp” before posting, but I didn’t see your post. Interesting!

Might have been chilE vs chili
I’m on the bandwagon too :smiley:

Sign me up for this cult. Need to find this spicy goodness.

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Where do you guys buy this? I want to try it.

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If you have an Asian market near you, it’s not hard to find anymore. I’ve been hooked for years - always have an extra couple of bottles to give away :smiley:

Not for the shy-of-MSG though.

There are a few different types - the one with peanuts is very good, but my current favorite is the one with mushrooms.

ETA: This six-pack Spicy Chili Crisp (Chili Oil Sauce) - 7.41oz (Pack of 6) is surprisingly fairly priced. The single bottles are horribly overpriced.

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I buy the spicy chili crisp made by Laoganma ( Old grandmother) from Asian stores such as GW ( Great Wall), Lotte and H Mart. They retail for just about $2.00. When they went on sale recently 2 for $3.00, I stocked up bec friends who visit inevitably want to buy them, this item becomes a great gift. It is pricey at amazon. It comes in two sizes. I have some in stock but saw the larger size recently and bought 2 of them. Am hooked on them. If u find it at that price of under $2.00, do not just buy one . I find it very interesting and laugh when I visit friends who got hooked from it bec I introduced them to it. They have them on their table while eating to add to their food.

Wegman’s carry it if there are no Asian supermarket near you. It is $3.49 I. believe.
Here is here story I read somewhere that her products are voluntarily inspected by the government. One of the few chinese products that is inspected.


@ccj, what is your favorite application?

I have also become a convert in the last year or so. My sister and I adopted calling it the “Angry Grandma” brand too, because our Oma could easily match the label’s matriarch, steely glare for steely glare.

It is really good with melted butter over popcorn. You can just add some of the oil, or a few spoonfuls to a stick of butter, and either strain the crunchies out or keep them. The fragrance is wonderful.

I didn’t think it would necessarily harmonize, but once I tried adding a giant spoonful to a too-mild bowl of salsa. Came out quite interesting and good.


I kind of like “Happy Lady Sauce.” :grin:

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One of the greatest spicy condiments ever created.

I actally most enjoy just eating it straight out of the jar. I find the more it gets diluted into other things the less you lose the beautiful flavor and the crisp texture. It’s really best in simple applications, like scooped onto some plain rice, or chicken or pork.

Join the Lao Gan Ma appreciation society here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2361721520/

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99 Ranch


There you are! Stock up! Nice Christmas Gift for friends who y ou invite to dinner and who loves it too !! Addictive!
I recently bought some on sale 2 for $3.00
it does not go bad! Great in pantry!

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I love it with Costco’s marinated Morey Salmon.
Just defrost the individually packaged salmon in a pan of cold water ( individually packed) for 20 minutes and at the same time, soak cellophane noodles in cold water for around 30 minutes
Pan fry the salmon reserving the marinade
Add water to the marinade and some spicy Gochujang to your taste ( usually 1 tablespoon)

take the salmon out of the frying pan, add EVOO to the frying pan, the drained cellophane noodle , the reserved marinade with gojuchang to your taste for a few minutes till the noodles become dry.(and cook) I like to keep some noodles on the pan so it becomes a bit overcooked like the socorrat of paella. Dish the noodle, add a little but sesame oil and the chili crips on top of noodle.


Joon where do you get yours?

I use this which is the same brand but is called crispy chilli oil. Pretty sure it’s the same thing as there’s a lot of chilli crispness and not much oil.

I mainly use it for dan dan noodles and use this recipe below but I add a bit of sesame oil at the end.


You can get it at any asian market. I got a bunch at the place in Marlboro when it was on sale.

I scored some at Wegman’s today (Burlington MA) but it was more like $3.68.

When I was in Ethiopia, a Chinese tour group left a jar at their breakfast table and, knowing what it was, I brought it to them as they loaded into their van. They were so happy, you’d think I’d saved a relative from a burning building :slight_smile:

Like someone said upthread, I prefer to use it with simple flavored items like leftover rice or even a tortilla. I’m curious to try it on soft serve ice cream, which is apparently a thing.