Spicy Beef Tongue

Much has been said in the past on the Boston Chowhound boards about the intensely spicy and awesome Ma La broth at Little Q Hot Pot, which is the perfect food for chilly evenings. Besides recommending it, I also want to give a big thumbs-up to their appetizer of spicy beef tongue, which I recently discovered. It comes out as cold slices marinated in a sort of Szechuan chimichurri – lots of cilantro, pepper, and spicy oil. Love it.

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plus one on the spicy beef tongue at Little Q! And pretty much anything at Little Q, a family favorite. If you are feeling under the weather, all you need is a meal there to (temporarily) improve your outlook.

I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the standard Chinese food there beyond the hot pot. Their General Gao’s is some of the best near me, easily. And they’re one of the only places in Boston that I’ve found paper-wrapped chicken, which is more of a west coast thing, I’m told.

I’m following up / bumping my own thread, egotistically, because as I’ve gone to Little Q more and gotten things besides their hot pot, I’ve been increasingly impressed. I think they have some of the best Chinese in the area. Their hot & sour soup, twice-cooked pork, and even their fried rice are terrific. What other dishes have people gotten there that I should try? Do they have a ‘hidden’ menu, like some Chinese places have?